ARCAD is turning 25!

The 22nd and 23rd of June ARCAD celebrates it’s 25th anniversary! I’m pretty excited to be in Annecy and to learn and celebrate with our company and clients! annecy-france-3

It’s a beautiful place – you don’t want to miss your chance! Register today on our website at and join the fun. #ARCAD25


Reach your IBM i Modernization Goals with ARCAD and Profound Logic

Hello all – Webinar today: Reach your IBM i Modernization Goals with ARCAD and Profound Logic – It’s at 11:30 Eastern – you can register here:  if you’d like to watch.

This was a fun Webinar to put together and I think the message about modernization is pretty clear. The tools we present offer solutions to some of the most painful problems facing IT organizations today. It’s all about getting an old database up to current standards and converting DDS to DDL. It covers conversion of code from RPG IV to Free Format and even more.

Charles Guarino the president of Central Park Data Systems and Jordan Antonoff the Business development Mgr. at Profoud Logic Software will be joining me to speak.

It promises to be pretty educational. I hope you can make it!

To tweet, or not to tweet, what was the question?

OK so I was asked recently if I tweeted, and I responded no I sort of bark….. It was then I realized I may not be living in this century. No I haven’t tweeted before I’m not sure I get the idea of it or how it works really but I am willing to try anything. I created a Twitter account, and my name is RayBernardi. If I have this right… this is it:

Hey, pssssst – I’ll follow you if you’ll follow me. Looking forward to connecting with you there.

Managing a YouTube channel is easy….. Right?

I guess I must be a little beyond the age where all the buttons and features on a site like YouTube make sense, I imagine my 21 year old kid would know exactly what to do, but wow, there’s a lot there. I’m slowly getting a handle on it I think. ARCAD has a YouTube channel and I’m making videos for it. I’ve recently added the video on Observer diagrams, and I need to do a lot of work to update that site with current videos in the current template and so on.

Here, take a look,

That’s the channel. I really need input and ideas – What video would you like to see here? let me know!


ARCAD Observer

Enjoying the time here in Peterborough with Michel and Philippe. Looking forward to learning a lot more about RTC this week.

Currently working on a new video showing the ARCAD-Observer diagramming features that are now available in the ARCAD Pack for Rational. This video is focused pretty narrowly on the diagramming functions and I’m going to be putting it on our YouTube channel very soon. The video is done, but construction at the offices has hampered the audio recording. I think I might get it done today though! I’m excited!

I will post it here once it’s done – stay tuned……

IT’S DONE! – Take a look its here:

Questions? Comment? What do you think?